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We offer solutions to your needs, whether it be paying suppliers, financing the future development of your business, helping you with investment plans or financing your projects. o Business Finance o Trade &Export Finance o ProjectFinanc

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Overdrafts are a flexible form of borrowing intended to finance day- to-day cash flow requirements generated by normal business activity. Overdraft facilities are offered to SME customers to meet their borrowing requirements for business needs such as working capital, upgrading factory/ office, and purchase of property or equipment.

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The Fixed Advance is lending in a given amount and for a fixed period, intended for financing or for consolidating cash requirements. Credit is generally granted as part of a line of Fixed Advances.

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LIBOR is quoted on a one-month, three-month, six-month or yearly basis. The six-month LIBOR is the one most commonly quoted for mortgages. The LIBOR rate can be found daily in The Wall Street Journal "Money Rates" table. LIBOR has historically reflected money market rates more accurately than prime- and Treasury-based indices.

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We offer a comprehensive range of trade and export finance products designed to reduce trade and credit risks when you do business abroad.

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With documentary credits the IBAN2IBAN is, in most cases, able to help you reduce the risks of international trade in additional ways - regardless of the issuing bank’s ability to pay or political restrictions

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Project finance is a long-term method of financing large infrastructure and industrial projects based on the projected cash flow of the finished project rather than the investors' own finances.

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Schematic contractual structure for a project financing by IBAN2IBAN

Cash Management

IBAN2IBAN offers flexible and transparent total solutions to support your business activities in throughout the world.

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IBAN2IBAN offers major corporations and multinationals an integrated advisory service and individual, tailor-made product solutions.

Structured Finance

We offer you personalized solutions – tailored to your needs and the requirements of the banking market. In so doing, we support you in the following areas: o Syndicated Financing o Acquisition financing o Management and Leveraged Buyouts o Structured Trade Finance

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We help our clients pursue their wealth management goals through careful advice, astute investment management and access to the capabilities. Our carefully selected investment professionals combine deep wealth management experience with the attentive client service that is the heart of the iban 2 iban

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Asset Management

IBAN2IBAN provides advice on selecting and managing assets, ranging from equities, bonds and funds to specialized investments such as hedge funds and private equity. o Objective o Mutual Funds Management o Pension Funds Management

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Our investment solutions are constructed with funds run by the industry's leading alternative investment managers.

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Our foreign exchange team offers an expert, integrated and global foreign exchange service focused on you and your family, with the benefit of access to global networks.

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Standby Letter of Credit

Standby Letter of Credit

We assure Standby Letter of Credit providing payment guarantee on the behalf of the client .

Bank guarantees

Bank guarantees

Guarantees assured by us are an undertaking on the behalf of the applicant in the favor of beneficiary

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Documentary Letter of Credit

Documentary Letter of Credit

Documentary Letter of Credit is an assurance confirming payment to the seller .

POF & RWA Documents

POF & RWA Documents

Get Proof of Funds (POF) and Ready Willing and Able documents easily with us.

Bank Instruments

Bank Instrument and Monetization

A financial instrument can be technically leased from an account holder, an asset owner, and asset management companies in reality.

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Leased Bank Draft

Apply for Your Leased Bank Draft Today!

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Leased Bank Guarantee (BG)

Receive a Leased BG Today!

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Leased Bank Proof of Funds (POF)

Apply for Your Leased Bank POF Today!

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Leased Mid Term Note (MTN''s)

Apply for Your Leased Mid Term Note Today!

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Lease a Bank Guarantee or Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC)

Receive your Standby Letter of Credit Today!

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Leased Key Tested Telex Wire Transfer (KTT-TELEX) MT-103 One-Way

Through the Leased Telegraphic Key Note Wire Transfer MT103 One-Way, we offer an additional financial instrument. We also use the Telex Network to deliver from bank to bank.

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Purchase Owned Bank Draft

Receive an Owned Bank Draft Today!

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international trade

Get Ready for International Trade

Get insights and access information and tools about international trade, so you can feel confident entering new markets.

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Find Trade Partners and Markets

Find new customers, connect with new partners and access new markets.

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IBAN 2 IBAN International Trade Solutions

Understand how credit and trade finance services can help you grow your business around the globe.

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Foreign Exchange Services

Foreign Exchange Services Foreign Exchange Services
Manage Your Foreign Transactions
Minimize your foreign exchange risk of buying and/or selling outside of your Country, regardless of the currency(ies) of your payables or receivables.

Optimize the Value of Your Foreign Currency Cash Flows

Transacting business in any foreign currency can be challenging—and the timing of your currency conversions can often have a major impact on your business results.
As you navigate the challenges and opportunities of doing business around the globe, let us help you improve your foreign currency cash flows by maximizing the value of your receivables and minimizing the cost of your payables.
Take advantage of our competitive exchange rates and simplify your business processes with our fast, accurate execution of your foreign exchange transactions.

Foreign Currency Transactions
You can make and receive payments in foreign currencies using your existing accounts with RBC Royal Bank in Canada:
  • Choose the payment method that matches your needs and then convert your Canadian dollars to foreign currency when the payment is sent.
  • Foreign currency receivables—cheques, drafts, money orders and wire transfers—can be sent directly to your Canadian dollar account for conversion and deposit.
Choose from a Full Range of Foreign Exchange Services
As your international business grows and changes, you can choose from a comprehensive range of foreign exchange services.
Whether your transactions are for $100 or $100 million, foreign exchange solutions will help you to:
  • Minimize your exchange rate risk on future transactions
  • Optimize the value of your foreign currency cash flows
  • Improve your business planning

What Make Us Unique

We at IBAN 2 IBAN are a well-recognised provider of finance trade services. Our experts will understand your specific requirements and ensure that you get the desired services on a timely basis.

About US


We Assure Trade Finance Services to Every Customer

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Knowledgeable and Skilled Staff

The staff at IBAN 2 IBAN is well aware of all the procedures and methodologies that are followed in trade finance

Top-Notch Services

We assure that while providing the services no stone is left unturned and all our customers are completely satisfied.

Friendly and Courteous Staff

The staff provides the trade finance services in a very courteous and respectful manner.

We work with you to address your trade finance concerns and provide you with the best service.




policy policy
Iban 2 Iban Policy is built on the basis of principle of interrelation between the Bank’s efficient performance and formation of the highly qualified and motivated team of employees, which serve as an integral part of the successful achievement of the Bank’s actual and perspective aims.

All the components of the Bank’s IBAN 2 IBANPolicy are lined up in such a way as to ensure maximal flexibility of the Bank, ability to adapt quickly and efficiently to the changes of internal and external economic factors, active initiation and successful introduction of required changes and innovations.

At IBAN 2 IBAN we have a transparent and understandable system of corporate management and provides opportunities for the maximal exposure of the potential of human resources, which are one of the main Bank’s assets. While implementing iban 2 iban Policy, the Bank aims for comprehensive development of the professional and personal skills of its employees, offering new sources of motivation; encourages innovative and flexible approach to business tasks, introducing system of feed-back; supports modern corporate culture, relying on traditional corporate values.